Mario Cuneo Bureau offers all the services for the administration of company personnel, including multinationals, of any size.

• Establishment of employment relationships: opening of positions with social security and assistance institutions, analysis of the correct classification and correct application of the national collective bargaining agreement, analysis of personnel costs with the application of tax benefits provided for by current legislation, preparation of the employment letter with application of the various clauses (working time, flexible clauses, elastic clauses, stability pact, non-competition agreement, futures contracts, management of transfers, etc.), recruitment communications on-line.
• Conducting of the employment relationship: preventive analysis, from an IT standpoint, through highly specialized technicians, of the business needs regarding, in particular, the recording of attendance, the management of reporting, the preparation of the budget, the application of management for human resources, the interface to accounting and document archiving.
• Management of wages and all related obligations: processing of LUL, F24 models, accounting tables, uniemens report, statistical tables, records for the recognition of personnel costs, tables relating to the Supplementary Pension Funds, tabulated for other Funds or Bodies , complaints and forms for the wage supplementation fund, tax and social security documentation required by current legislation. The Firm also deals with the preparation of monthly and annual complaints and electronic submissions, as required by current legislation (self-liquidation inail, cud, 770, mandatory placement, accrual of accruals and severance pay, etc.).
• Termination of employment relationships: communications of termination to the relevant bodies, consensual resolutions, quantification of termination benefits and severance pay, management and application of early retirement incentives, waivers and transactions with workers in the manner and in the manner envisaged by the current legislation.