The Firm was established in Padua in 1988 on the initiative of Dr. Mario Cuneo, once he obtained the professional qualification in work consultancy. It grows steadily over the years through the integration of different skills of qualified employees, involved in an ambitious project of high quality.

The firm is at the forefront in the field of labor consulting and personnel administration, aimed at companies, including multinationals, of different sizes and of multiple sectors.
It is a dynamic and booming structure that has wanted to associate, with the traditional methods of the profession of job consultancy, the most modern operating and consulting models, to provide a professional quality service to its customers.

For over twenty years, Dr. Mario Cuneo is a reference professional of the Court of Padua with offices of C.T.U. in labor and social security disputes and of C.T. within the most important insolvency procedures. The high experience gained in managing bankruptcies, agreed estimates and extraordinary administrations has given the impetus to the establishment of a team of professionals, specialized in restructuring and corporate reorganization, assistance in extraordinary operations, company bailouts or in hypothesis of acquisition and sale of companies in crisis, of union relations, of assistance to companies in the context of cash integration, mobility and in the management of litigation in the field of work and in matters of social security and welfare.

Today the Mario Cuneo Bureau has a structure of over twenty collaborators, employees and job consultants, who work in the offices of Padua, z.i. Viale della Navigazione Interna n.51 and follows about 500 companies of the Triveneto, with articulations throughout the national territory.

Furthermore, the aggregation of skilled and qualified professionals, specialized in various operating areas to offer customers a plurality of services, has allowed Studio Mario Cuneo to become an increasingly solid reference point for companies.

In fact, the structure and organization of Mario Cuneo Bureau, supported by the experience gained in over 20 years of presence on the market, allow professionals and collaborators to be dedicated as unique and strategic referents to meet the different needs of customers.